Who can be a pilot?

Anyone who loves to interact with people and likes to ride a bike. The Trishaws are power assisted and are easy to ride. Training will be provided for all volunteers.

Who can be a passenger?

We are offering the free service to Rocky Mountain Village, Trinity Lodge and Tom Uphill, and all individuals living in Fernie that struggle to get out to enjoy our beautiful town. We hope to expand to surrounding areas as we grow.

What kind of bikes are used in Fernie?

The trishaws are specialized bikes built in Copenhagen by TrioBike. They are electric assist and hold two passengers and the pilot. Helmets and seatbelts are mandatory.

Where do we go?

The rides are typically 60 minutes long and will be around the City of Fernie. Pilot and passenger can decide together on destinations, stops and length of ride. Please note that NO errands will be done during the ride.

Is there a charge?

Cycling without Age is a FREE service provided by volunteers!

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