Volunteer Pilot 


Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for applying to become a volunteer pilot for the Cycling Without Age Fernie Program. The contributions of people like you allow our communities to remain vibrant and supportive places.  

Cycling Without Age gives our local seniors and less abled individuals the right to wind in their hair, and the ability to experience Fernie and nature close up from a slow ride on a bicycle, as well as giving them an opportunity to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives. 

This Pilot Handbook outlines important program policies and procedures. Please read this handbook carefully, and ensure you understand and agree to abide by the guidelines listed herein. By signing the final pages of this guide you declare that you have read and understand these policies and procedures and will abide by them. 

Shortly after completing and submitting your application you will be hearing from the Cycling Without Age Program Coordinator.  The Coordinator will advise you of your status as a volunteer, and will be available to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have at that time. 

Again, thank you for your contribution, and we look forward to working with you! 


Cycling Without Age Fernie

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    Cycling Without Age – Fernie

          Volunteer Pilot Handbook 

Table of Contents 

●         1.0 Program Administration 

1.1   Cycling Without Age Fernie (CWA Fernie Foundation)

1.2   Facility

●         2.0 Volunteer Procedures 

2.1   ID Cards 

2.2   Volunteer Training, Supervision and Evaluation 

2.3   Volunteer Records 

2.4   Volunteer Dismissal 

●         3.0 Ride Procedures 

3.1   Pilot Shift Sign Up 

3.2   Trishaw Check 

3.3   Assisting Seniors into Trishaw 

3.4   Entering a Passengers Home 

3.5   Companions or Helpers 

3.6   Cycling Practices 

3.7   Routes & Ride Times 

3.8   Seatbelts 

3.9   Helmets 

3.10 Additional Stops 

3.11 Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Use

3.12 Cell Phone Use

3.13 Weather 

3.14 Mechanical Failure & Accidents 

3.15 Wildlife Encounters 

3.16 First and Last Ride of the Day Pilot Responsibilities 

●         4.0 Grievance Procedure 

4.1   Pilot Initiated 

4.2   Passenger Initiated 

●         5.0  Confidentiality 

Appendix A: Bicycle Inspection Report

                       Appendix B: Important Phone Numbers  (Also listed in Reference Manual on Trishaw)

Appendix C: CWA Confidentiality & Application Agreement / Waiver of Liability

Appendix D: Confidentiality Agreements for Rocky Mountain Village, Trinity Lodge and     

                        Tom Uphill

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               1.0 Program Administration 

●   1.1  CWA Fernie Foundation

The Fernie CWA coordinators are responsible for volunteer pilot and passenger screening, record keeping, volunteer recruitment and appreciation, along with program advertising and promotion.  The CWA booking coordinator is responsible for scheduling pilots and passengers for rides.

●   1.2 Facility

Rocky Mountain Village, Trinity Lodge and Tom Uphill are responsible for the referral and promotion of Cycling Without Age to their residents, completion of passenger application, confidentiality and waiver forms, as well as passenger sign up for rides. Individuals (or a person responsible for them) residing outside of these facilities are responsible for the above mentioned duties, through the CWA coordinator and booking coordinator.

2.0 Volunteer Procedures 

●   2.1 ID Cards 

CWA Fernie will provide volunteer pilots with a Cycling Without Age ID card upon completion of their training. Pilots are required to carry their ID Card while participating in the Cycling Without Age Program. 

●   2.2 Volunteer Training, Supervision and Evaluation 

Upon acceptance as a volunteer pilot for the Cycling Without  Age Fernie Program, pilots will receive an orientation session and training on the trishaw. 

Volunteer activities will be overseen by the CWA Fernie Program Coordinators. The Coordinators will randomly contact pilots and passengers to find out what is working well and what may need to be adjusted, hear stories, and address any concerns presented (see section 4.0 Grievances). Contact the Fernie CWA coordinators with any concerns or questions about the Cycling Without Age Program. 

●   2.3   Volunteer Records 

A volunteer pilot record will be kept by CWA Fernie including application form, waiver, confidentiality agreements, acknowledgement of training form, criminal records check, reference checks, feedback received and hours contributed to the program. 

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●   2.4   Volunteer Dismissal 

The Cycling Without Age Program reserves the right to refuse or dismiss a volunteer pilot if they create a potential risk to the organization or its passengers. 

 3.0 Ride Procedures 

●   3.1    Pilot Shift Sign Up 

This is a work in progress right now. . and we will have more details coming soon. This will be the idea though below:

Pilots will sign up for a ride through the Cycling Without Age booking coordinator. Pilots are encouraged to sign up one week prior to the shift they are volunteering for. The trishaws will be rotating between four locations:  Rocky Mountain Village, Trinity Lodge and Tom Uphill and private residences. Punctuality is very important for the pilots. Be at your scheduled location on time. Please call the facility you are riding from (phone numbers are on the back of ID card) the day of your scheduled ride to ensure a passenger has booked your time slot. 

To cancel a shift, remove your name from the schedule as far in advance as possible by notifying the CWA booking coordinator. 

 3.2    Trishaw Check 

Pilots will perform a pre-trip and post-trip Bicycle Inspection, and pre-trip test ride as per the Bicycle Inspection Report. (Appendix A-will be available at the storage shed). They will fill out the report for every ride. If the trishaw is deemed not suitable to ride, the Pilot will postpone the ride and notify the facility staff and the CWA Booking Coordinator. 

●   3.3    Assisting Seniors into the Trishaw 

            Some seniors may require assistance in and out of the trishaw. Pilots may need to lend a             

            hand for support. If it is a more difficult transfer, facility staff of a facility volunteer will assist the 

            passenger in and out of the trishaw (those passengers must remain in the trishaw through the 

            duration of the ride). If you feel more assistance is required than you are comfortable with, do

            not attempt to transfer on your own. No transfer training is provided.


●   3.4    Entering a Passengers Home 

Occasionally pilots may pick up a senior from their home. Pilots are advised that entering a passengers’ home is not recommended under any circumstance and to do so 

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is at their own risk. The  Cycling Without Age Fernie Program accepts no responsibility for volunteers who choose to enter a passengers’ home. 

If there is no answer at the door upon arrival to a passengers’ home, pilots must notify the CWA coordinator and/or booking coordinator immediately.

If a pilot suspects an emergency situation, it is recommended that they contact local police, EMS, or dial 911. 

●   3.5    Companions and Helpers 

Occasionally passengers may have a helper, companion, family member, facility staff member or volunteer accompany them on a ride. Additional passengers must sign a waiver form before being taken on the trishaw. 

●   3.6     Cycling Practices 

Pilots will follow correct cycling etiquette and follow the rules of the roads and pathways at all times. This includes obeying all traffic signs and signals, using hand signals when turning and stopping, ringing the bell to alert other cyclists and pedestrians, riding slowly and in control at all times and yielding to pedestrians. Direct eye contact is encouraged whenever possible between the pilots, vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

            3.7    Routes and Ride Times 

Pilots are to adhere to the suggested areas and routes as outlined in the onboard reference manual. Rides including additional stops shall not exceed 1.5 hours. Rides may be cut short due to weather, mechanical failure of the trishaw, or if the senior or facilities request.  Pilots will not ride in areas identified as no ride zones.

3.8     Seatbelts 

Passengers must wear seat belts at all times while in the trishaw. 

●   3.9     Helmets 

It is mandatory that pilots wear a helmet at all times while on the trishaw. The CWA Fernie program recommends passengers wear helmets while on the trishaws, but the decision remains at the discretion of the pilots and passengers. Passengers who choose not to wear a helmet do so at their own risk. The CWA Fernie program coordinators and volunteers accept no responsibility for any injuries that result.

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3.10   Additional Stops 

Permitted stops along the ride include, parks, playgrounds, along the river, etc, along with coffee and ice cream shops. Cycling Without Age is not intended to be a transportation program and therefore, stops are not permitted for appointments or errands.

3.11    Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Use

Smoking is not permitted by passengers or pilots at any time on the trishaw. The use of alcohol, recreational or prescription drugs that affect the pilots ability to operate the trishaw are not permitted at any time

3.12    Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use is not permitted by the pilot unless the bike is stopped in a safe location and the parking brake is applied.

●                                3.13         Weather 

In the case of inclement weather, the ride may be cancelled. This is at the discretion of the pilot, passenger and facility. Pilots should contact the facility they have signed up to ride with to confirm that the ride is cancelled. If the weather is threatening (but not raining yet), and the ride goes ahead, it is recommended to stick to a route close to the facility. 

●                                                   3.14 Mechanical Failure & Accidents 

In the case of a mechanical failure of the trishaw during a ride, if it is not something that can be quickly fixed, take the following steps: 

  • lock the trishaw (rear wheel lock, front lock and cable lock to a nearby structure)
  • call the CWA coordinator and the facility you are riding from to alert them
  • call Rocky Mountain Village as listed  on your ID card for a pick-up to take the passenger back to their facility or home. (10am-6pm, 7days a week). If RMV not available, call a cab.
  • if you are on a path that Rocky Mountain Village bus or a cab cannot get to, assess the passengers ability to walk to an area where transport can  be reached.  If not possible call the Fernie Fire Department as per contact information provided in the reference manual on bike and Pilot ID cards.
  • in case of an accident with an injury, call 911 

                               3.15    Wildlife Encounters

Wildlife encounters may occur during trishaw rides. Please keep a safe distance from all large wildlife (elk, bears, deer, etc.) If you have any wildlife encounters, please notify the CWA program coordinator. Bear Spray should be worn at all times by the pilots. 

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3.16    First and Last Ride of the Day Pilot Responsibilities

                           The first pilot of the day will: 

  • retrieve the trishaw and helmets from the storage area
  • unplug the battery from the charger and insert into the trishaw
  • complete a trishaw check 
  • bring the trishaw to the passenger pick up location 
  • complete the pre trip/post trip inspections as trained

The passenger pick up locations are the main doors at Rocky Mountain Village. 

At Trinity Lodge and Tom Uphill, people will be picked up at the front entrance at the front of the building. For passengers not residing in one of these facilities, pickup will be at their residences. 

The last pilot of the day at the end of their ride will: 

  • return the trishaw and helmets to the designated storage area
  • remove the battery from the trishaw and plug into charger 
  • leave the keys in the storage pocket on the right rear of the passenger seat.
  • complete pre trip/post trip inspections as trained

         All pilots will perform the BICYCLE INSPECTION REPORT for their respective rides.

                              The storage area is located behind the : 

Parastone Maintenance Facility- 30 Cockato Road, Fernie, BC, V0B 1M4. 

4.0 Grievance Procedures 

●   4.1   Pilot Initiated 

If a pilot has any problems during the course of their ride they are asked to contact the CWA Coordinators immediately following the ride with details of the incident. The CWA Program Coordinators will work with the pilot and passenger(s) and/or facility staff involved in the incident to ensure a satisfactory resolution. A record of the incident will be placed in the pilots and passengers file.

 4.2   Passenger Initiated 

If a passenger or designate has any problems during the course of their ride, they are asked to contact the CWA Program Coordinators immediately following their ride with details of the incident. The Coordinators will work with the passenger(s), pilot and/or facility staff involved to ensure a satisfactory resolution. A record of the incident will be placed in the pilots and passengers file.

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5.0 Confidentiality 

●           A. Principles of Confidentiality 

During the course of volunteering, a pilot or passenger may acquire information that, while voluntarily shared, is privileged information. All pilots and passengers will: 

  1. Be made aware during intake of the principles of confidentiality by which they must abide. These include CWA, Rocky Mountain Village, Trinity Lodge and Tom Uphill confidentiality agreements.
  2. Treat all personal information regarding any passenger, whether read, overheard, observed or told directly, as confidential. 
  3. Treat all information gathered while volunteering as confidential, not only for the duration of the volunteer’s service/use of services, but indefinitely after service is completed. 

●           B. Limits of Confidentiality 

Pilots and passengers will, where appropriate, ensure to the best of their ability that program users are made aware of the limits of confidentiality. 

  1. Confidential information may be shared with staff for the purpose of guidance, debriefing or referral without the consent of the passenger. 
  2. Confidential information will be shared with staff and/or appropriate authorities (i.e., Police, family members) upon disclosure of abuse, self-harm, or intended self- harm without the consent of the passenger. 
  3. Pilots and passengers are encouraged to always use their best judgment and err on the side of caution. 
  4. Confidential information regarding passengers and pilots may be shared among staff for the purposes of maintaining the integrity of the Cycling Without Age. 

C.    Confidentiality Contracts 

  1. Pilots and passengers will sign a confidentiality contract(s) upon entry into the program. The pilot and passenger confidentiality contracts states that the pilot or passenger understands and agrees to abide by the principles and limits of confidentiality outlined herein. 
  2. Staff will sign a confidentiality contract prior to involvement with pilots, passengers, pilot/passenger files or sensitive information regarding passengers and/or pilots. The staff confidentiality contract states that they agree to abide by the principles and limits of confidentiality outlined herein. 

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Insert Appendix A Bicycle Inspection Report – this will be posted in the Trishaw Storage Shed. 

Appendix B

●   Important Phone Numbers 

Ride Sites/Administration 

CWA Coordinator  Mel Wrigglesworth  250-278-1280

CWA Volunteer Coordinator TBD

CWA Ride Coordinator TBD 

Cab Companies

Fernie Cab 250-423-4408


Rocky Mountain Village 250-423-4214

Trinity Lodge 250-423-4145

Tom Uphill Manor 250-278-3347 

Non Emergency

Fernie Fire Dept. 250-423-4226. If no answer, call 911 and specify it is a non- emergency and ask for a LIFT ASSIST

RCMP 250-423-4404


Call 911 for any emergency situation

Appendix C

Confidentiality and Application Agreement 

I, __________________________________ of the town of __________________, have received, read and understand the Cycling Without Age Pilot Handbook and Confidentiality guidelines, and agree to abide by the procedures listed therein and I attest that all of the information I have provided herein is accurate and complete.  I understand and agree that acceptance into the program is entirely at the discretion of the Cycling Without Age Program Coordinator.    

Waiver of Liability

I the under signed, am the volunteer named herein taking part in the CWA Fernie Society Cycling Without Age Program as a Volunteer Pilot 

  • I understand and agree that there are inherent risks associated with participation in this activity, that my participation is voluntary and that I am physically fit enough to participate in the activity.
  •  I accept all responsibility for my participation including the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage of any kind notwithstanding that the injury, loss may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of CWA coordinators and volunteers, the CWA Fernie Society and its officers, directors, employees, members, agents, assigns, legal representative and successors.
  • I do hereby indemnify and hold harmless the CWA coordinators and volunteers, the CWA Fernie Society and its officers, directors, employees, members, agents, assigns, legal representatives and successors and any and all business associates and partners involved in the above noted activity and each of them, their owners, officers and employees hereby waiving all claims for damage now or in the future arising from any loss, accident, injury or death which may be caused by or arise from participation of the individual named herein during this event; and agree to assume all risks for the activity noted above that the individual named herein has agreed to participate in.

My signature acknowledges that I am over the age of 18 and had sufficient time to read and understand this waiver. I have had the opportunity to seek my own legal advice and that I understand and agree to the conditions stated in this document and that they are binding on my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and successors.  

Signed this ____________ day of ________________, 2020 

Participant Name: __________________________________   Phone # __________________________ 

Participant Signature: __________________________________________________________________ 

Witness Name: ___________________________   Witness Signature: ____________________________ 

_____________________________________________      __________________________________

                  Cycling Without Age Coordinator                                                   Signature

Appendix D